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University of Dublin Choral Society (1938-1946)
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Choral 900 1938-1946
Programmes for 23 concerts (plus duplicates) by the University of Dublin Choral Society, all held in the Examination Hall, Trinity College unless otherwise stated. Programmes are all word books. Patrons, President, Vice-president, committee members and auditors listed. Concerts conducted by George H.P. Hewson until 7/6/39. From 1/12/39 conducted by Turner Huggard. From 15/3/45, conducted by Joseph Groocock.

18/2/38 (plus 2 duplicates): 101st season, 209th concert. Participants listed as Violet Burne, Mabel Home, Robert McCullagh, Betty Hewson and Signor Grossi.
8/6/38: 101st season, 310th concert. Participants listed as Mabel Thrift, William F. Watt, Michael O'Higgins, Betty Hewson and Signor Grossi.
10/2/39: 102nd season, 311th concert. Participants listed as Madame Borel, Robert McCullagh, Mabel Home, Frank Cowle, Miss Betty Hewson and Signor Grossi.
7/6/39 (plus duplicate): 102nd season, 312th concert.Soloists listed as Moira Griffith, William Watt, Michael O'Higgins, Miss Betty Hewson and Signor Grossi.
1/12/39: 103rd season, 313th concert. Participants listed as Mabel Thrift, Mabel Home, Robert McCullagh, Robert Irwin, Signor Grossi and Betty Hewson.
14/6/40: 103rd season, 115th concert. Participants listed as Stanley Alcorn, Dr. Gilbart Smyly and Edgar Boucher. Programme included Songs of the Fleet and Phaudrig Crohoore by Stanford.
4/12/40 (plus 31 duplicates): 104th season, 316th concert. Participants listed as Ewart Grace, Alastair Dick, J.S.R. Cole, Dr. Gilbart Smyly and Edgar Boucher.
14/3/41: 104th season, 317th concert. Soloists listed as Mabel Thrift, Eira Haise, Geoffrey Wynne and George Rothwell.
13/6/41: 104th season, 318th concert. Soloists listed as Robert McCullagh and Brian Boydell. Programme includes works by Parry.
26/11/41(plus duplicate): 105th season, 319th concert. Soloists listed as Helen Paxton, Ivy Furlong, William Watt and Brian Boydell.
13/3/42 (plus duplicate): 105th season, 120th concert. Soloists listed as Rita Lynch, Ethel Moore, William Watt and Richard Mason.
2/12/42 (plus 6 duplicates): 106th season, 122nd concert. Soloists listed as Ewart Grace, Robert McCullagh and Reginald Hall. Programme included 'Penned are the sheep' by Stewart.
10/3/43 (plus 2 duplicates): 106th season, 323rd concert. Soloists listed as Mabel Thrift, Mabel Home, Robert McCullagh and Frank Cowle. Annotated.
11/6/43: 106th season, 324th concert. Programme contained six Irish folk songs arranged by Stanford. Performers listed as Mabel Thrift, Helen Lloyd, Jean Henderson, Richard Midgley, Hugo Albin, Lorna Thompson, Eric De Courcy and Madge Bradbury.
30/11/43: 107th season, 325th concert. Soloists listed as Molloy Dunlop and Robert McCullagh.
10/3/44 (plus 2 duplicates): 107th season, 326th concert. Participants listed as Molly Houston, Olwen Bateman, Robert McCullagh, Norman Myers, Ethel Graham and Terry O'Connor. Contains introductory notes.
8/6/44 (plus 3 duplicates): 107th season, 327th concert. Guest conductor Groocock. Participants listed as Richard Midgley, Reginald Hall, Ethel Graham and Terry O'Connor. Programme included The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Parry.
15/3/45: 108th season, 329th concert. Noted that the performance of Evening and Morning by Oakeley was in memory of John Turner Huggard, 'conductor of this society from 1939 to 1944'. Participants named as Elizabeth Brooks, Robert McCullagh, Molly Dunlop, Brian Boydell, Terry O'Connor and Ethel Graham.
12/6/45 (plus 33 duplicates): 108th season, 330th concert. Participants listed as Molly Houston, William F. Watt, Michael O'Higgins, Madalene Mooney and Ethel Graham.
4/12/45 (plus 1 duplicate): 109th season, 331st concert. Participants listed as Elizabeth Brooks, W.F. Watt, Olwen Bateman, Jack Harte, Terry O'Connor and Ethel Graham. Includes historical notes.
7/3/46 (plus 2 duplicates): 109th season, 332nd concert. Participants listed as Dorothy Penny, Richard Midgley, Eva Tomsohn, Norman Myers, Terry O'Connor and Ethel Graham.
6/6/46 (plus 27 duplicates): 109th season, 333rd concert. Soloists listed as Violet Burne and Norman Myers. Programme included Phaudrig Crohoore by Stanford.
29/11/46 (plus 5 duplicates): 110th season, 334th concert. Soloists listed as Molly Houston, Molly Dunlop, Frederick McArdell and Frank Keyte.
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1938 - 1946
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Trinity College Dublin, Library
College Street Dublin Dublin 2
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The music collections are spread over three Library departments. The main collections of music literature and printed music are held in the Music Library, located in the Ussher Library. The open access collections are focussed on supporting the academic needs of students and staff of the College. They include books and periodicals on music, reference works and bibliographies (including online databases), as well as a separate collection of student lending material. Printed music on open access includes collected editions of the works of over 70 composers, anthologies, manuscript facsimiles, and other individual works and editions. The closed access collection is large and diverse, containing items received under legal deposit mainly since about 1880. Earlier printed music is held in the Department of Early Printed Books. Two special collections stand out: the Ebenezer Prout Collection, particularly strong in music and editions of the 19th century, and the Townley Hall Collection, a country house collection of the 18th and 19th centuries. The Department of Manuscripts holds all music manuscript material. The collection includes liturgical music of the 11th-18th centuries, the Ballet and Dallis lute books, the 16th-century Dublin Virginal Book, the Mercer's Hospital collection, and Irish folk music collected by Petrie, Goodman and Moeran. Several twentieth century Irish composers (Barry, Boydell, Boyle, Deale, Duff, May, Victory) are also represented.
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